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I have studied mouthla vecchiapieces since 1979 starting with some very basic re-facing techniques from the late Iggie Gennusa while studying at Peabody Conservatory.  

In 1984 I made the first 6 Gennusa mouthpieces,  however Gennusa thought he could make them himself and he was never able to duplicate my secrets.  

If you can find one of these 6 mouthpieces expect to pay around $600 or more. However, don’t buy one! I have better ones for you now! By the way I was the designer of the Grand Concert reed line for the first year or so before leaving Rico.

My new mouthpieces are very much better than those first 6 I made for Iggie.  A funny story:  Iggie Gennusa called me around  3  in the morning and started playing one of these 6 mouthpieces over the telephone!  That’s how excited he was. This was dated around 1985.

When the newly minted La Vecchia mouthpieces were recently field tested they attracted a lot of attention from the pros.  I was targeting the players that played on the Kasper and Chedeville mouthpieces,  along with some of the M series Vandorens.  Out of around 30 highly skilled college professors and symphony professionals only 1 player stayed with his own mouthpiece.

First off, I developed a very hard rubber compound for these mouthpieces., not used by any other company in the world.   The facings are  done by hand,  however another form of re-facing was developed using selected diamond based cutting blocks.  It is my belief and I have proof that sand paper is not flat enough because it is paper and paper gives in with pressure.  

This one single problem alone will cause bumps and it is very difficult to achieve that perfect facing curve.  Some of the other mouthpiece measurements must be 3 times thinner than a human hair.  This translates to .001 inch or less.

As a mouthpiece maker I had to design several very special cutting tools and measuring instruments,  which no one else in the world has.   Some of the tools were designed while attending  California Institute of Technology.  

To get everything right, I had to build two special computers to help with the wind flow patterns and vibrations of the La Vecchia mouthpieces.  These computerized programs were compared and tested using several mouthpieces throughout the world.  

The findings were very interesting.   I was so excited to learn a stunning fact about  the flow of air in mouthpieces.  (Of course I added this to the design of the La Vecchia Classica mouthpieces.)    As you blow into mouthpieces the air flow isn’t a straight forward flow of air.   Instead, as you blow the air it starts to spin in a clockwise direction through your horn.   I thought players may find this interesting.

Here is another very interesting fact .   As you cross the equator the air flow turns counter clockwise and these mouthpieces have to be adjusted accordingly!   I also adjust my reeds with this in mind.   

The “La Vecchia” mouthpieces are made here in America.   We don’t have to import supplies from other countries to keep the costs low and still have a high quality instrument.

la vecchia


*Professional mouthpieces are hand crafted
from hard rubber

Only $179




la vecchia mouthpiece

*Student mouthpieces are molded from hard plastic

Only $50

For the Clarinet:

For the Saxophone:

Here’s what my friend Joe Bonfiglio has to say about my mouthpieces: “Your La Vecchia mouthpiece is without a doubt the finest mouthpiece I have ever played.”

Listen to him test one of my mouthpieces, here:

Here he is playing this year, 2019, on my Vintage 1940 Cicero mouthpiece:


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